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Role Play
Sales Scenario

We understand that educating your sales representatives to the point where they are comfortable discussing scientific subject matter with medical professionals can
be a challenging endeavor. Our approach involves introducing complex curriculum, such as anatomy, physiology, mechanisms of action and evidence-based medicine,
in a manner that is both straightforward and engaging. Our interactive programs will familiarize your sales representatives with the medical professionals and environments
in which they work (private offices, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.). Our programs provide sales representatives an opportunity to see their products at work through our
interactive video case history platform. These programs also inspire sales reps by demomstarting the positive affect their products have on patients’ lives. Our interactive
sales tools also help to ingrain your selling methodologies by demonstrating recommended techniques through interactive video role plays and tutorials.




  - Interactive
Posters & PIs

Our team of seasoned training professionals include medical writers, instructional designers, video professionals and programmers, who each have decades of
experience in developing materials for healthcare industry sales representatives and managers. We specialize in developing both customized interactive training
programs and off-the-shelf training, such as our “Understanding Clinical Reprints” program which has been used by thousands of sales representatives.



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