DMC develops, creates and delivers excellence in training using innovative technologies to accelerate learning.

Educating sales representatives to the point where they feel comfortable discussing medical subject matter with physicians is a challenging endeavor. It involves introducing complex material such as anatomy and physiology in a manner that is both straightforward and engaging.

After presenting the basic educational building blocks, an effective training program must introduce the context within which the material will be utilized.

Adult learners must be given the reason why the material is important to know, how they will use it in their jobs and the opportunity to put into practice the concepts they are learning.
Only after completing all these steps and receiving constructive feedback will a new sales representative feel comfortable, challenging the accepted treatment protocols that physicians have developed and modified during years of experience.

DMC creates custom curricula in multimedia formats to maximize learning—via interactive training modules, print, mobile, LMS, audio and the web. From the ground up (including pre- and post-product launch) to advanced and continual learning, DMC specializes in custom curricula tailor-made to the reality of your market challenges.




        The Virtual Series        


Virtual Preceptorships

  • Prepares sales representatives for selling environment
    prior to entering their territories
  • Enables representatives to become familiar with the different selling environments they will encounter & product usage
  • Introduces representatives to the healthcare professionals they will be calling on
  • Provides an overview of each healthcare professional's background, training and concerns
  • Helps representatives customize their sales message
    to have immediate impact in territory
  • Allows representatives to “walk in the shoes” of the
    physicians they are calling on
  • See the diagnostic challenges, treatment challenges and options the physician faces and how their product fits into
    the treatment arsenal


Virtual P&T Committee

  • Exposes the representatives to the internal
    workings of a P&T Committee
  • Helps representatives identify common
    members of the P&T Committee
  • Highlights the individual goals and concerns
    of each P&T Committee member


        The Interactive Series        


The Talking Interactive Reprint™

  • Comprehensive Training Program designed to thoroughly educate sales reps on their clinical reprints
  • Reinforces Suggested Selling Message
  • Features video clips with lead authors, KOLs or trainers Includes detailed Study Guides, Role Play Scenarios
    and Key Take Away Points


Interactive Prescribing Information

  • Provides a thorough understanding of a product's
    prescribing information for successful detailing
  • Can incorporate competitive PI information, compared
    on section by section basis
  • Brings your PI to life with pop-up video or
    audio instruction and work books


Interactive Sales Aid Tour™

  • Provides a thorough understanding of a new or existing
    Sales Aid for successful detailing
  • Presents both the marketing and scientific background background, on a page by page basis, so sales reps
    have a full understanding of the Sales Aid
  • Excellent way to encourage the representatives to
    present the material in the most effective manner


        The Visual Series        


MOA 3-D Animations

  • Allows representatives to visualize the products
    effect within the body
  • Can be utilized in interactive 3-D games
    at medical meetings
  • Focuses on the cause of the disease and
    the impact it has on the patient
  • Animations created by our team of
    microbiologist animators


        The Exceptional Sales Representative        


Product Adoption Spectrum - Physician Detail

  • Helps representatives identify where a physician
    is in the adoption of a product
  • Allows representatives to interact with
    role-plays in an interesting, engaging manner
  • Ensures consistent representative experience
  • Includes common objections and various physician


Interactive Representative Best Practices

  • Highlights the skills of top performers
  • Instructs representatives how to emulate their
    successful colleagues
  • Ensures skills and ideas aren't lost when
    representatives move into new positions
  • Excellent vehicle for representative development


Hospital Formulary Compliance/Conversion

  • Trains representatives on how to get products
    on hospital formularies
  • Trains representatives how to maximize usage
    when product is "on" and "not on" formulary
  • Includes courses of action for products on or
    off formulary
  • Utilizes leading hospital and retail pharmacists
    to present information


"Business Appropriate" Training

  • Dress For Success
  • Presentation Dos and Donts
  • Ideal Training for new Sales Representations
  • Interactive Video Role Play Scenarios
  • Home Study and Live Presentation Versions


        Our "Off-the-Shelf" Reprint Training Program        



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